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Frozen Heat & Serve Meal

Longevity buns, also known as "shou bao" in Chinese, are a type of steamed bun traditionally consumed in Chinese culture, particularly during celebrations such as birthdays and festivals. They are often filled with sweet fillings like lotus seed paste . The name "longevity bun" is symbolic, representing the wish for a long and healthy life.


The name "longevity bun" not only reflects the wish for a long and healthy life but also hints at the pleasant and enjoyable nature of the food itself. Whether enjoyed during celebratory occasions or as a delicious snack, the combination of the soft bun and sweet filling makes longevity buns a popular choice in Chinese cuisine.

Longevity Bun (Frozen) 寿桃 (冷冻) 12PCS

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  • Preparation method:
    - Steam for 8-10 minutes after thaw.

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