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Gardenasia Weddings brings you a whole new concept of romance as we take you into the beautiful countryside. Let your once-in-a-lifetime moment be truly special as you celebrate love with the idyllic Kranji countryside as the perfect backdrop. Equipped with a full array of services and facilities, and surrounded by lush greenery that embodies the vitality of Nature, Weddings at Gardenasia is truly able to create the wedding of your dreams.

So all we’ll say is, we have fun dressing up our place for your big day, we’re ready to steer your flower girls (or little page boys) back to the aisle if they get too excited, we ensure the glasses are always filled, and the biggest secret of them all is: that moment when your dad hands you over to the love of your life…gets to us, every time.

So follow your heart back into Nature.

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Tel: +65 6758 8177


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