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Our Story

Image by Scott Webb

Pin Si is all about our love of events, great food and putting on a great show for sophisticated corporate function, private banquet to extravagant wedding event, customizing bespoke menus, managing logistics, preparing finest decorations, hiring service crews all under one roof.  With a wide array of selections such as buffet catering, mini buffet, premium bento box, hawker stall, live station, outdoor banquet.  Our fully equipped modern mobile kitchen will definitely impress your important occasion and turns your dream to SOLID reality.

Helming from the front of the business is our Chairman Mr Oh Cheng San BBM (L) who has an unrivalled wealth of experience and expertise in Singapore F&B industry. Under his guidance and vision, we are now a full-fledged enterprise, having a ISO:22000 & HACCP centralized kitchen equipped with State-of-the-Art machinery and methodology.  Modern equipment is fitted to enable fast and efficient production and ensuring high standards of food quality and safety.  Our customized walk-in freezers and chillers operate round the clock supporting stocking and refrigeration caters for domestic production and sales while providing extended shelf-life for our Heat and Serve prepacked frozen meals to consumers, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, wet markets and partners alike.

Using only fresh ingredients and everything made in-house, you are able to enjoy restaurant quality meals anytime anywhere and are deliciously convenient.

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Build a premier F&B brand bringing innovative food to different generations locally and globally. 


Maintain customer centric strategy

Invest in customer service

Stay innovative and remain the culture

Significant food & safety standards adhered

Implement & keeping pace with F&B industry digital technology

Operate our business with professional integrity and expand globally

Nutritional standards for food and beverage met







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