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Our approach of catering and hospitality facilities management with our superb delicacies tailored food experiences to your desired needs will absolutely deliver a gastronomic experience for you and your guests.


Let us design and deliver your bespoke entertainment and catering, including high end, professional private dining room experiences that rival the best restaurants.


We create exquisite dining experience and is your choice caterer from sophisticated corporate function, private banquet to extravagant wedding event. Indulge your guests into a premium culinary adventure and you can be sure to wrap up your event into an extraordinary success!


Serve by a focused productive service team that cares about your guests and their wellbeing.

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We manufacture a wide spectrum of nostalgic recipes prepackaged frozen Heat & Serve meals.  Created with your taste-buds in mind.  Optimizing easy preparation with maximum taste.  Perfect for busy lifestyle consumers, as well as families and gatherings.



Our range of meals are perfectly portioned, prepped and ready to eat in minutes!

Click here to view our full range of products! 

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Pin Si is all about our love of events, great food and putting on a great show for sophisticated corporate function, private banquet to extravagant wedding event, customizing bespoke menus, managing logistics, preparing finest decorations, hiring service crews all under one roof.


Hi Peggy, 
The Yunnan Garden Campus Nantah Alumni Lunch, organised by the Association of Nanyang University Graduates, was successfully held on 20 May 2023 at NTU Nanyang Auditorium Foyer. The Organising Committee would like to thank Pin Si for the excellent food and services provided for our lunch event. From the feed back, our 800 alumni and guests really enjoyed the food provided by your chefs and the services by your waiters and waitresses. 
I had the pleasure of working with you, Xiao Xiao and Coco over the last 3 months on the planning of this big event. Your professional views and advice have helped us a lot in

adjusting our plan. I must also thank your team for preparing the overall table layout plan for the lunch. 
On 19 May, you and your team came down to arrange the tables and chairs in the afternoon. Three of you personally readjusted the tables with your experience and all 79 tables and chairs were arranged by 6.45pm. We were so impressed with your efficiency and attitude. 
Our Association and I look forward to working with Pi Si and your team for the future events. 
From Soon Min Yam, Organising Chairman

Mr Soon Min Yam, Organizing Chairman

 [Yunnan Garden Campus Nantah Alumni Lunch]

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