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Frozen Heat & Serve Meal

It is a known millennium generation dish that nourishes and strengthens the overall health of new mothers during their postpartum confinement period and also anyone who wants to keep their body warm. Based on TCM benefits, sesame oil will stimulate blood circulation improving overall “Qi” energy whereas the ginger will expel wind, cold and dampness in the body. In fact, it is a dish suitable for everyone and at any time too.

Sesame Oil Chicken 麻油鸡

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    Preparation method: - STEAM: After thawing, steam with inner bag for 15 minutes. - MICROWAVE: Heat up by microwave for 3 -4 minutes - BOILING: After thawing, submerge inner bag in boiling water and simmer for 20 minutes. Remove chicken from inner bag and enjoy your meal.

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